Refill. Reuse. Recharge.

Ohm Brew Refill Bar is a new, rechargeable disposable vape allowing users up to 15 refills.

Refillable disposable devices are a more cost-effective hybrid option that sits between disposable devices and traditional vape kits. 


Refill Bar - Black device and box


Refill Bar - White device and box




We only have one planet – let’s be kind to it. The introduction of disposable vape devices is quite alarming, with many making their way to landfill sites causing harm to plants and animals. View a more in-depth article on the impacts here.


Let’s do the right thing people! Let’s dispose of devices the right way. Check out Recycle Now to find out the nearest location to recycle your disposable which fall under electrical items. Please also recycle what you can of the original CBD Disposable packaging.


We ask you all from the bottom of our hearts, please only use disposables as and when the need to arises. There is much more longevity with rechargeable vaping devices. The average device will last 6-7 months. It makes much more sense in the long run to upgrade to a pod device.


The number one motivation for ex-smokers is… you’ve guessed it – saving money! It is a lot more cost effective to purchase 10ml bottles than it is to buy a 6ml device.

refill bar vape FAQ

Got some questions about our products? Check out our FAQ section below.

A rechargeable disposable is a convenient hybrid option that sits between disposable devices and traditional vape kits. These kits allow users to refill and recharge their devices.

Disposable vapes work the same way as standard vape kits, in that they have a coil, a battery, and a tank. However, unlike vape kits, they come prefilled with the e-liquid of your choice.

There’s no initial set-up or need to charge; just start vaping, and the disposable vape will automatically activate!

Disposable vapes contain nic salts, so they’re the perfect choice if you’re looking for a smooth throat hit from your vape.

The main advantage of disposable vapes is their convenience. However, they aren’t a very price-conscious solution.

Rechargeable disposables are much better value for money as they allow users up to 15 refills which equates to roughly 9000 puffs for a fraction of the price.

Yes you certainly can. Our 2ml tank on the Refill Bar can be refilled up to 15 times. However, when this limit has been reached we do advise that you dispose of the device and buy a new one, or upgrade to a more substantial kit. 

You can definitely recharge it. Unlike traditional throwaway disposables you can re-charge the device as/when needed. 

Disposable vapes are just as safe as regular vapes. Just make sure you buy a genuine disposable vape from a legitimate company *waves* and use them in line with the instructions provided.

All our disposable vapes are TPD-compliant, meaning they comply with the current UK and EU regulations.

Like all things in life, disposable vapes need to be used responsibly. While they’re great for short-term use, it’s more environmentally friendly and cheaper to have a traditional vaping set-up in place.

If you use disposable vapes, don’t chuck them in with the rest of your household rubbish, or even worse, on the pavement (we know who you are). Instead, check with your local council or vape store to see the best way to recycle your vapes.

Otherwise, governments may look to ban disposable vapes, like they’re currently considering in Ireland. And that’s no good for anyone.

Any you like!

The beauty of the refillable disposable is that it allows you to choose whatever flavour your heart desires. No more pre-filled sickly flavours!

We recommend using any of our 50:50 nic salt ranges for the ultimate experience. 

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