It all starts with a common story…

A desire to give up smoking, a hope and willingness to achieve what many find nearly impossible, but we knew there was a chance to succeed when vaping came along. After years of vaping shallow tasting liquid or a big embarrassing plume of vapour when you simply wanted to be discrete. In 2017 we knew it was time to take things into our own hands to create – a balanced blend.

Unrivalled Flavour.

Group photo of people vaping

For The Vape COmmunity.

A vaping brand from within the vaping community, where quality meets value. Our flavours are rich and multi-dimensional giving the discerning vape connoisseur smooth all day vapes no matter what sort of flavour profile they are into. Whether you are a vaping veteran or someone on the lookout for something to help you quit the cigarettes – there is something for everyone.

Brewed in Belfast.

Every one of our flavours are brewed here right in the heart of Belfast – we are proud to be a local manufacturer that specialise in producing the finest e-liquids for modern vapers. All our ingredients are sourced here locally in the UK and manufactured in our factory in Belfast, Dundonald.

Not Just Another DIY Brand.

We are not just another DIY e-liquid brand – we develop all our flavours from scratch through our in-house lab facilities. From molecule to market, we are passionate about making everything we do 100% traceable. Every batch is GC-MS tested for quality and regulatory compliance and produced in our ISO 9001 accredited factory.

Brewed To Perfection.

Brewed by our experts, if you want to give up smoking there is something for you.