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We know what it can be like getting started with vape, so many options for hardware and e-liquid products are out there that it becomes overwhelming. 

So without further a do let us demystify things for you below (see what we did there?)

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E-liquids (a.k.a oils, juice, liquid or e-juice) are the substance that’s vaporised within an e-cigarette and inhaled by the user.

They can be purchased in a range of different nicotine strengths and ratios of VG/PG and are readily available across countless different mouth-watering flavours.

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E-liquids are made up of the following compounds:

VG (Vegetable Glycerine)
PG (Propylene Glycol)
Food grade flavouring

They can be purchased either with or without a nicotine content. PG is a thick liquid that is used to hold the flavourings and provides the ‘throat hit’ which many associate with smoking. Whereas VG is a thicker consistency and is smoother to vape, it is also responsible for producing the cloud of vapour.

Each number in an e-liquid ratio represents the ratio of VG and PG content.

So a 50/50 e-liquid means the e-juice is formed from 50% VG and 50% PG. 70/30 features a 70% VG and a 30% PG content.

The ratio that’s best for you may come down to personal preference, although there are some considerations. A 50/50 ratio vape juice will produce a stronger throat hit when vaping. Due to this it’s often favoured by new vapers who are trying to find a sensation almost like smoking cigarettes. A 50/50 juice will also be fine in most vape devices with no real considerations, so they are perfect for smaller vape pens. Again, this is often another reason why newer vapers choose a 50/50 because it will work with starter kits and similar devices.

70/30 e-liquid produces far more of a vape cloud, meaning enthusiasts within the world of vaping often prefer this ratio. It does however require more advanced hardware to avoid clogging and blow outs.

Aside from these factors it becomes a matter of preference. Our recommendation with ratios and flavours is usually to undertake out the various options and find the one which suits you best. The wonderful thing about e-liquids are they comes in many different varieties and therefore the ability to seek out the flavour, kit, strength combination that works for you. Choosing your ratio is no different.

Vaping is incredibly popular among ex-smokers and smokers looking to quit as it is a highly effective nicotine replacement therapy.

However, with that said there are plenty of e-liquids that don’t contain any nicotine at all in the form of nicotine-free shortfills. 0mg shortfills can come in both 50ml and 100ml variants that the user can vape with or without nicotine.

You can add nicotine to a 0mg shortfill via a nicotine booster shot to create a 3mg nicotine e-liquid.

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Nic salts are the natural state of nicotine that is blended with liquid.

The nicotine in nic salts is better absorbed into the bloodstream unlike that of distilled nicotine in typical e-liquid.

This is because the ‘salts’ alter the PH level of liquid which is more compatible with human physiology and allows for better absorption.

Nic salts also give the user a smoother throat hit, rather than a harsher smoke-like hit compared to freebase nicotine.

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Freebase nicotine e-liquids tend to be the most common and popular e-liquid products on the market.

They are extremely versatile and come readily available in almost any combination of strength, ratio of VG/PG and countless flavours.

They are particular popular amongst people who make the switch over to a vape as they provide the user with a more noticeable throat hit than nicotine salts.

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One of the greatest things about vaping can also be the most overwhelming – that’s choosing a flavour that you like out of the countless options that are available.

People tend to find a particular vaping style and flavour that they prefer over the alternatives.

The main flavour types of e-liquid are broken into the following categories:

Fruity flavours
Tobacco flavours
Dessert flavours
Drink flavours
Candy/sweet flavours
Menthol flavours

Now that doesn’t exactly mean that these are the only flavours you can get, there are plenty of e-liquids out there that are duotone or triple layered flavours combining these different types (e.g. our Candy Cherry flavour is a combination of fruit and candy tones)

E-liquids are no different to the food that you keep in your cupboard or the fridge, they come with a ‘best before’ date that indicates when your e-liquid will be at its best quality.

Although it’s not something we would recommend if avoidable, the best before dates on e-liquids are very different to the food industry.

Your e-liquid is shelf-stable the same way as canned food – what this means is that it will be perfectly fine to vape for years after the best before date.

You may notice however, that the e-liquid may be a little too old if you experience a decrease in flavour, nicotine potency and aroma. 

Having said that, there is little to no evidence to suggest that expired e-liquid is bad for you.

Answering this questions purely comes down to an individual’s smoking habits – the strength they use is personal to them.  

A good place to start is to look at how many you are currently smoking a day and go from there – if your preferred strength seems a bit too low or too high, then try going up or down a strength until you find your sweet spot. The general rule of thumb for nic strengths are listed below:


0mg nicotine – ideal option for social smokers who have a cigarette very rarely when they’re out and about. It’s also popular amongst vaping hobbyists and those experienced vapers who have progressed their way down the other strength bands.


3mg nicotine – often the ideal final step for people who are on a mission to quit smoking and have reduced their nicotine intake to pretty much nothing. Also a good fit for light smokers who maybe only puff a few smokes a day.


6mg nicotine – although it’s a lower-level nicotine strength, it’ll still give you an adequate nicotine buzz, similar to that of light/ultra light cigarette brands. This is perfect for those who are going through around 10 cigarettes per day.


12mg nicotine – made for your average smoker, who gets through up to a pack a day. It’s a good place to start until you start to get used to vaping and will give you enough to keep the cravings away.


18-20mg nicotine – this a high nicotine level for people who are getting through a serious number of cigarettes, by this we mean over a pack a day. The strength of the juice needed will also dictate the kind of device you’ll need as not all vapes are made the same.

Fortunately for both current vapers and those who smoked menthol cigarettes, the menthol cigarette ban does not extend to vaping or e-cigarettes.

You can still buy menthol flavoured e-liquids and e-cig refills and there are no current plans to ban flavoured vape products in the UK.