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12 bold new flavours for those tired of the same old. COMING THIS AUGUST.

We do things differently.

Quality. Without compromise.

Undoubted passion to help you give up smoking by creating a superior experience. We are proud to be a local manufacturer that specialises in producing the finest e-liquids for you and our community.

Countless options to make the switch.

Ohm Brew is the responsible, trusted and Belfast-based e-liquid supplier.

We support vapers, smokers and ex-smokers to reduce their nicotine intake and lower their chances of relapse,
through our wide range of top-quality products with no compromise on quality or flavour.

Unlock a smoke-free future -
step by step.


Discover our original range of nic salts in 3, 6, 12 and 18mg strengths โ€“ allowing you to effortlessly tailor your nicotine intake, making it easy to gradually reduce over time.

Never too late to make the switch.

Reduce your reliance on nicotine.


Over 31,000 trees
(and counting)

See how we are tackling the environmental issues caused by disposable vapes.

Journey your way.

Find your nearest store.


Support the eco-friendly choice.

Simple. Sleek. Sustainable.

Making the switch? Don't worry, we've got a range for that.

No compromise on flavour, with over 40 nic salts and double brews to choose from.

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What our customers say.

Mark Doherty
Mark Doherty
Within the amount of years iv been in the vape scene, I have to admit it's amazing to finally see a company like ohm brew releasing original and new exciting flavours but also keeping up with a high professional level of customer service that alot of big names forget about now days... 100% recommend to anyone whether your taking up vaping or looking for that new adv....I personally will only grab my ohm brew from Genesis Vapes in Sutton Surrey in Times Square Shopping Centre
Hana-Amirah Kharas
Hana-Amirah Kharas
Absolutely love Ohm Brew. Specifically Rockin Raspberry Sorbet ๐Ÿ˜ I've been vaping for two years now after giving up smoking and have tried many other brands but nothing compares to ohm brew! Highly recommend.
Russell Gregory
Russell Gregory
Best liquids by far!
Joseph O'Rourke
Joseph O'Rourke
Every flavour so far has not failed to make my day, best brand choice for new and old vapers!
These guys are truly a company to behold and stand behind, not only in their customer service but also in ethos. Just spent a large amount of time on the phone trying to rediscover my new favourite flavour as my current ADV is no longer available and I have to say, what a refreshing experience being able to talk to an actual vaper of the old school that knows stuff! Jae paid careful attention to me as a customer and didn't try to placate me at all, in fact he wanted to know more about the flavour profiles I like so that he could maybe find me a substitute in the 'Lab!'. I came away with a multitude of potential juice ideas to try and there maybe a light at the end of the tunnel...finally! Thanks so much Jae and Ohm Brew, lovely to finally have a company and staff for vapers that are genuine and passionate about what they do, who they are and won't compromise on service when it comes to their customers. Well done Ohm Brew!
Samantha Wright
Samantha Wright
The best vape juices I have EVER tried. Tried a lot of different brands and Ohm Brew are way above the rest. The flavours are amazing, so many options to choose from. The various nicotine strengths in all the flavours are great to lower your intake. None of the flavours Iโ€™ve tried so far are sickly, which I have found with other brands. Not too overpowering but still have a great taste. They really do cater for everyone. Iโ€™ll not purchase elsewhere ever again! Favourite flavours so far - rhubarb & custard, and the banana caramel waffle. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ On top of all that theyโ€™re a lovely small company with the best ethics, brilliant customer service team. Very supportive of people wanting to quit smoking. Just the sort of brand you want. Spot on Ohm Brew.
Luke Adamson
Luke Adamson
Just tried these juices as was getting bored with my favourite brand and wow! They have just become my new favourite nic salt, the flavours are outstanding, massive vapour production and yet so smooth, these juices are a must, buy some now ๐Ÿ‘Œ This is an update after the above review after my 3rd order of these juices. They are just the best nic salts I have ever tried, and I've been through alot of top brands, you can vape these at 20-30 Watts and get unbelievable vapour production and flavour which you don't get with other juices ,and if you do turn up the wattage high there's no sign of a dry burnt hit . They are so on point it's unreal, tried every flavour and I'm so impressed with how good they taste. And the nicotine hit is bang on with such smoothness with no throat burn. Fantastic product guys, I'm staying with Ohm Brew . The quality is just amazing ๐Ÿ‘
darren mercer
darren mercer
Fantastic customer service. Great flavours which are affordable and fantastic quality!

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