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Born in Belfast, Ohm Brew is much more than the average liquid. We don’t mix flavours, we design, develop and create them from scratch. From Molecule to Market.


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  • Great vape liquids, full of flavour and very refreshing.

    Nicole F. Avatar
    Nicole F.
    18 Sep 2020

    BR G. Avatar
    BR G.
    16 Sep 2020

    Great flavour from shortfills to nic salts all are amazing. And if love a cool kick go for sensation x

    rob c. Avatar
    rob c.
    16 Sep 2020
  • Fantastic juice

    David T. Avatar
    David T.
    16 Sep 2020

    I love this juice. Such a great range of flavours.

    Lyn L. Avatar
    Lyn L.
    16 Sep 2020

    A really solid range of flavours which are affordable, tasty and nicely varied. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for... read more

    Sam J. Avatar
    Sam J.
    16 Sep 2020
  • Amazing flavours and a wide range of eliquid to choose from in both 50/50 and 70/30. High recommend 👌

    dale w. Avatar
    dale w.
    16 Sep 2020

    Fantastic juice range. Been using the Nic Salt range for a while now, can officially say this range helped me... read more

    Matt B. Avatar
    Matt B.
    16 Sep 2020

    Michael D. Avatar
    Michael D.
    15 Sep 2020
  • I will never get board of using OHM Brew ..... There are just too many amazing flavours to chose from.... read more

    Nichola B. Avatar
    Nichola B.
    15 Sep 2020

    Niall Avatar
    15 Sep 2020

    Wide Range to choose from all bursting with flavour and love how smooth and intense they are! would have Ohm... read more

    sean m. Avatar
    sean m.
    15 Sep 2020
  • Been using ohmbrew for ages now. Flavours are amazing. And they keep getting better and better.

    Paul C. Avatar
    Paul C.
    15 Sep 2020

    Max O. Avatar
    Max O.
    15 Sep 2020

    Evapo T. Avatar
    Evapo T.
    15 Sep 2020
  • John M. Avatar
    John M.
    15 Sep 2020

    Jack M. Avatar
    Jack M.
    15 Sep 2020

    Farrows U. Avatar
    Farrows U.
    15 Sep 2020
  • i stopped smoking 5 years ago and Ohm Brew was the first liquid I tried. Have to say I've never... read more

    Alices L. Avatar
    Alices L.
    15 Sep 2020

    I've tried many top brands before. But ohm brew is by far the best

    Ryan Avatar
    15 Sep 2020

    I have been Vaping for over 10 years now and have to say. I have been around the block a... read more

    Jae M. Avatar
    Jae M.
    22 Aug 2020
  • What can I say, Jae is straight up one of the best sales people I have ever had the pleasure... read more

    Sam S. Avatar
    Sam S.
    22 Aug 2020

    Best tasting liquid ive had, cheap too. Would recommend 100%

    gareth m. Avatar
    gareth m.
    22 Jul 2020

    Aine O. Avatar
    Aine O.
    22 Jul 2020
  • Absolutely luscious flavours.. wish I had found these guys earlier

    External S. Avatar
    External S.
    22 Jul 2020

    Some of the nicest flavours , awesome quality juice and Loco lemon tart being one of my favourites. The Innocent... read more

    James M. Avatar
    James M.
    22 Jul 2020

    OftenOutspoken Avatar
    22 Jul 2020
  • I have to say, all the liquids I've tried from these guys have been lovely. Real quality eliquid and great... read more

    the s. Avatar
    the s.
    22 Jul 2020

    Outstanding liquids. Amazing flavour and dope brand. I would recommend the blue slush if you had to choose 👊🏻

    Anto J. Avatar
    Anto J.
    22 Jul 2020

    Have a very good variety of flavors and very good quality!

    Azoresvaping v. Avatar
    Azoresvaping v.
    22 Jul 2020
  • Brilliant range of juices, easily something for everyone's taste! Whether you're after 0mg, freebase, Nic Salts or CBD...these guys have... read more

    The C. Avatar
    The C.
    14 Jul 2020

    I have tried a range of eliquids from ohm brew and i must admit i am very impressed with the... read more

    The E. Avatar
    The E.
    14 Jul 2020

    Excelent juices.

    Sergio V. Avatar
    Sergio V.
    14 Jul 2020
  • An excellent manufacturer of original vape liquids. Varied tastes and excellent quality.

    Alexey D. Avatar
    Alexey D.
    14 Jul 2020

    What can I say, Jae is straight up one of the best sales people I have ever had the pleasure... read more

    Sam S. Avatar
    Sam S.
    30 Jul 2020