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Ohm Brew Team Flavour Picks

A bottle of Double Brew Bar Series Triple Mango 100ml e-liquid with a red label.

Ohm Brew team flavour picks – what our crew are enjoying Sometimes your workmates can tell you all about them without saying a single word. From the state of their desks, to the type of tea or coffee they drink. Extra milky, six sugars?! Go on, get out of here. Here at Ohm Brew, we ask our crew to tell us what flavour Ohm Brew they like the most. The good news? Judging from the responses below, all our team have one thing in common – impeccable taste! Here’s what the Ohm Brew crew are loving at the moment, with the links to find out more. Dominic Sharkey – Marketing Manager Favourite flavour: Slush Brew – Green Mix “My absolute go-to liquid every. Single. Time. Seriously, if you loved Slush Puppies when you were younger, you’ll go for this in a big way. Tangy sour apples and lip-puckering limes come together to create an absolute taste sensation.” Danny Bradley – Brand & Product Development Favourite flavour: Watermelon Sugar “I’ve vaped for eight years and have always had a hankering for watermelon flavours. The problem is, so many companies can’t get the taste right; it’s either too sweet or too bland. Watermelon Sugar though? It’s bang on. It’s sweet, bitter, and sour at the same time, with mouth-wateringly juicy candy notes. Yum.” Jae Mason – Head of Major Accounts Favourite flavour: Banana Caramel Waffle “The only way I can describe this one? Total indulgence. You get a hit of rich, gooey caramel tied up with sweet, milky banana afternotes. It’s an absolutely heavenly combo.” Barry MacGabhann – Regional Sales Manager – South Favourite flavour: Mr White “Heisenberg flavours aren’t everyone’s thing, but they’re certainly mine! This Breaking-Bad-inspired blend tastes of mixed fruit with a touch of aniseed, ideal if you’re not a fan of sweet vapes. This is the vape that knocks!” Phil Jackson – Business Development Executive – North Favourite flavour: Rockin’ Raspberry Sorbet “Is it too predictable to say you love a sweet vape? I don’t care; this one is amazing! The sugary raspberry and vanilla combo is cut with a dash of tongue-tingling lemon that rocks my tastebuds and stops me from hitting the vending machines at lunchtime!” Derek Payne – Operations Director Favourite Flavour: Grape Menthol Aniseed “If you love grape flavours (like me), you’ll love this blend. The grape is combined with a dash of slightly spicy aniseed that gives it a little extra oomph, as well as menthol for a pleasant throat hit. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely one of my favourites.” Sam McIlhatton – Logistics Manager Favourite Flavour: Candy Cherry “A sweet cherry tang, a candy aftertaste, nice clouds and a smooth vape – what’s not to love? This one’s my go-to vape and if you give it a go, I’m sure it will be yours too!” Beth McIlhatton – Logistics & Sales Support Favourite flavour: Strawberry Chew  “In my honest opinion, this is one of Ohm Brew’s best, as it feels like it could have come straight out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. It’s tangy, juicy and has a hint of tingly fizziness, which all come together to create a perfectly balanced e-liquid flavour.” Which Ohm Brew flavour is your favourite? Drop us a line and let us know, or tag us on social media! << Back to blog Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin

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