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Irish Government looking to ban disposable vapes

Disposable vapes (or vape bars) are a lot like marmite in the vaping community.

While some love the flexibility they provide, others see them as a bit of an ethical quandary.

Therefore, we weren’t surprised to hear that the Irish Government is looking to ban them in the future.

Minister of State Ossian Smith advised: “I’ve no problem with vaping… (but) I think this is an example of an innovation that is really making the world a worse place.”

While regulations have not been put in place yet, there will be a public consultation to see what people think of the proposal. This could pave the way for a permanent ban, enforced by local county councils.

Why it’s important to sell disposable vapes responsibly

The proposed ban on disposable vapes has come about because of two main concerns. Firstly, the idea that disposable vapes are appealing to children and young people. Secondly, that disposable vapes aren’t being disposed of correctly, with the valuable materials within them going to landfill.

At Ohm Brew, we believe disposable vapes have their benefits. Full disclosure, we sell our own range of Brew Bar Disposables. If you’re deliberating if vaping is right for you, or if you need a lightweight vape for travelling, a disposable vape is ideal.

The key is using (and selling) disposable vapes responsibly.

Like most things in life, a disposable vape only becomes a nuisance when it’s in the wrong hands. A responsible store owner will suggest how customers can recycle their vape bar when they’re done with it, and refuse to sell to minors. They’ll also advise that they are only a temporary solution, and recommend e-liquids and the appropriate hardware where they can.

We encourage all our stockists to sell vape bars sensibly and responsibly, and we will do everything we can to help them do this.

As a company, we’re also 100% behind any measures taken to reduce single-use plastics and littering. Trust us; you should see our on-site recycling bins. Full to the brim.

Find out more about selling disposable vapes and vape bars responsibly.

Will the UK ban disposable vapes?

We’re not aware of any plans to ban disposable vapes in the UK. Yet.

However, given the concerns around the state of the environment and young people using vape bars, we would anticipate a ban of some kind in the future. We’ve already seen petitions on the UK Government website, so it is something that a lot of people feel strongly about.

In the meantime, let’s sell disposable vapes in the right way and help make the country, as well as the world, a greener, safer, less antisocial place for everyone.

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news as we’re aware of it. In the meantime, keep visiting our blog for the most up-to-date developments in the world of vaping.

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