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New year, new you - switch to a vape!

After two solid weeks of binging Netflix, devouring turkey sandwiches, and seeing how many sweets we can eat before throwing up, it’s only natural that we want to be healthier.

Of everyone who has made a new year’s resolution for 2023, 28% say they want to improve their health. Goodbye cake and pringles, hello CrossFit and Peloton.

We all know that one of the best things you can do for your health is to stop smoking. Many amazing things happen to your body when you pack in the cigarettes. You smell nicer, you can run without throwing up, and your chances of dying from a nasty smoking-related disease drop significantly.

The big problem? Stopping smoking is hard. We all know of a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-cousin that just threw their cigarettes in the bin and quit cold turkey. However, unless you’re incredibly determined or just plain lucky, this is an exceedingly rare occurrence.

It’s estimated that only about one in twenty smokers that go cold turkey stay quit for at least six to twelve months. This means that the more help and support you have when it comes to packing in the cigarettes, the better.

With this in mind…

Make 2023 the year you switch to vaping

If you want to quit smoking, vaping is a great way to reduce your dependence on nicotine over a set period of time.

You choose the e-liquid strength that’s right for you. For example, if you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll want a higher-strength liquid than someone who is a social smoker. You then get the nicotine you need to keep your cravings at bay, without all the gross stuff like tar, VOCs, or carbon monoxide.

Over time you can reduce the strength of the nicotine until you get to a point where you don’t need it.

Find out more about making the switch to vaping

Why choose vaping at all?

There are a lot of different aids you can use to stop smoking. There’s gum, patches, and some bizarre people even have needles stuck in them to curb their cigarette cravings.

However, vapes are three times more effective at helping smokers quit. Want to know why this is the case? Here comes the science!

First of all, vapes simulate the experience of smoking. Many ex-smokers find they need something to do with their hands and mouths, which makes vaping an easier way to beat the cravings.

Secondly, there are lots of different combinations when it comes to vaping. You can choose the hardware and e-liquids that suit your specific needs, whether that’s an elaborate rig that lets you blow cherry-flavoured smoke rings or something a little more discreet.

Finally, with vaping, nicotine gets into the bloodstream more quickly, meaning you can address those cravings ASAP. No having to chew nicotine gum like a maniac or wonder how many patches you can stick on your arm before you pass out.

No matter which method you choose, stopping smoking helps you live longer and puts more money in your pocket. However, we recommend that if you’re looking to stay quit, vaping is the way to go!

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