Slush Brew

The range of 50ml slushy shortfills so epic that it would put Mr. Frosty to shame! Roll yourself back to childhood nostalgia with one of our tasty flavours. No matter whether you like it red, green, purple or blue, you’ll be sure to find a brew for you. 

0MG 70VG 30PG


Move over Blue Slush – there’s a new blueberry raspberry blend in town. Sweeter, better and that tasty you would swear this flavour was sent from the gods of the vape realm themselves.

0MG 70VG 30PG


A mean mix of green that will make your taste buds keen. Citrusy lime and a tang of sour apple coupled an icy slush that good it would make the puppy himself redundant.

0MG 70VG 30PG


A zesty orange and bitter grapefruit combo, infused with slushy goodness that will satisfy the true veterans of the vape world. Orange you glad this boss blend has come to fruition?

0MG 70VG 30PG


Crammed full of your favourite pulpy purple stuff, partnered up with a hit of melon and strawberry… this blend is guaranteed to make vaping grape again.

0MG 70VG 30PG


Who said that red is dead? Far from it we reckon, and this candy cherry strawberry treat proves it. Dead set to keep you and your vape device feeling refreshed all day, everyday!

slush brew FAQ

Got some questions about our products? Check out our FAQ section below.

A shortfill is a 60ml bottle that contains 50ml of e-liquid. Now you might think you’re getting short-changed, but there’s a reason behind this!

A shortfill doesn’t contain nicotine. The extra space in the bottle allows you to add the additional e-liquid of your choice (aka a ‘nic shot’) to create a bespoke e-liquid blend.

We’re so glad you asked! While we sell a wide range of shortfills, our unique range of Slush Brew shortfills is designed for those who remember roller skating, Saturday morning cartoons, and ice-based slushy drinks.

If you’re all about the nostalgia, you’ll love this collection of icy blends.

Nope! Some people like to experience the tasty flavour of our slushy vape juices without adding extra nicotine

There are four cool reasons why you should opt for a shortfill.

Firstly, you get complete control over the strength of nicotine you want to use.

Secondly, they’re great value for money. By mixing your shortfill with a 10ml nic shot, you get 60ml of vape juice.

Thirdly, they’re easy to use. Just pour your nic shot into your shortfill, give it a good shake, and add it to your tank. Who said customisation is only available to expert vapers?

Finally, as you’re dealing with less packaging and plastic, you’re doing your bit to help the environment!

We’ve got a wide range of nic shots available.

  • You can choose from freebase nicotine or nic salts to alter the throat hit of your vape
  • You can increase the concentration of PG or VG in your e-liquid. This means you can enhance the flavour of your vape or add additional vapour
  • You can choose the strength you want. Whether you’re a social smoker or a heavy smoker, you can pick the right nicotine level for your needs
  • You can also customise your nic shot to add an icy hit or a fizzy tang

We have five delicious slushy shortfills available, from the sweet berry blend of Red Mix to the zesty tang of Green Mix. Whichever slushy drink you prefer, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the tongue-tingling shortfills available at the top of this page, or see our e-liquid picks on our blog for a bit of flavour inspiration. 

Not a fan of frosty drinks? We’ve got a wide range of shortfill e-liquids available, from childhood sweet shop favourites to fruity flavour combinations.

Find Your Nearest Brew.