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The vaping industry in 2022: what, who, where, and when

We might not look like it on the surface, but we love nothing more than digging into the stats around smoking and vaping.

For example, take our report looking at the 2021 census. The team at Ohm Brew aren’t just pretty faces!

A little while ago, this report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research pinged into our inbox. It was compiled on behalf of the Vaping Industry Association and looks at how the vaping industry has benefitted the United Kingdom, both directly and indirectly.

Can’t be bothered to read it? That’s okay; here’s our summary!

The vaping industry turned over £2.8bn in 2021

The vaping industry turned over £1.3 billion in 2021, and when combined with indirect turnover (for example, seen in supply chains), this number grew to £2.8b.

This is a growth of 23.4% compared to the 2017-2021 period.

The vaping industry created 8,215 full-time jobs in the UK in 2021

The economy hasn’t just benefited from vaping; people’s livelihoods have too. Over 8,000 jobs have been directly generated by the growth in vaping, including retail and manufacturing.

Even more jobs have been indirectly created. For every ten jobs generated by the UK vaping industry, a further 11.6 jobs are supported in the economy, which equates to 9,529 additional employment opportunities in 2021!

There was a 60% rise in the number of vape shops

The number of vape shops in the UK has grown from 2,281 in 2017 to 3,644 in 2020, an increase of 60%.

The most vape shops can be found in the North West, with the South East generating the most economic value.

People are more likely to buy their vape products at a specialist store, with one in three purchases made this way in 2021.

Vaping can save the NHS over £300m a year

In the current economic climate, the NHS needs all the help and support it can get. Smoking-related illnesses put a significant strain on the NHS, as well as the government in general, for example, lost productivity at work, and cleaning up cigarette butts.

The estimated cost saving to the NHS of smokers switching to vaping was £322m in 2019. If half of all smokers made a move to vaping that year, it’s estimated that the healthcare savings would have been £698m.

It’s no surprise that the NHS is encouraging people to swap from smoking to vaping, like in this trial in the Norfolk area.

Vaping is working

Of all the smokers that switched to vaping, 80% found they smoked less, while 50% quit entirely. Older people are more likely to use vapes to quit smoking and reduce their nicotine intake, while younger people vape because they enjoy the flavour.

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