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Vape stores need your support this Stoptober

Many people are planning to pack in the cigarettes this October, inspired by the national Stoptober campaign. Stoptober happens every year, and thousands of people have been able to quit permanently inspired by a month of success on the programme. We all know the many benefits of giving up smoking, but if you need a reminder here’s a handy list from the NHS. A quick look at that will be all the inspiration you need to pack in the fags for good!

Independent, local vape stores are gearing up for busy times – there is always a surge of interest in vaping around this time of year as people wanting to give up are looking to make the switch to e-cigarettes instead. This is great news for lots of reasons!

Firstly, they are very glad of your business. When you support a local shop, no matter what it is that they sell, you are helping those shopkeepers support their families, and making a very real difference to their lives. You are not just lining the pockets of an already-wealthy multinational corporation; instead, you are supporting the high street and those who make it so vibrant. So, this Stoptober, go and support your local vape shop – they’ll be very glad you did!

Secondly, vape shops are the place to go to get brilliant advice on stopping smoking, making the switch, choosing your first e-cigarette, managing the amount of nicotine you’re taking in (and reducing it slowly) and making sure you’ve always got a charged vape to hand so you don’t consider going back to cigarettes in desperation. There is very little that these people do not know about vaping, so make the most of their knowledge. They’ll be delighted to help, and they will play an important part in supporting you through your quitting journey.

More and more people are buying their vaping supplies online, and if this pattern continues then there is a very real danger that vape stores in local towns will be a thing of the past. We can’t allow this to happen. High streets around the nation need your support more than ever before. Make time in your day to do as much of your shopping locally, and you’ll find that you benefit from great prices, brilliant choice and friendly service to boot.

One word of advice though – vape stores can get completely inundated at the beginning of October as many people seek an alternative to smoking tobacco. So, get prepared and visit them early, or you may find yourself waiting around in queues.

So, in your quitting journey, make sure you use your local vape shop regularly, tell your friends about them, support them and help them spread the word.

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