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Our 10 best-selling e-liquids of 2022


Our 10 best-selling e-liquids of 2022 – is your favourite on the list? Would it even be the start of 2023 without a review of what happened in 2022? Our data boffins have extrapolated the data, pivoted some Excel spreadsheets, and drank several cups of coffee to determine our bestselling e-liquids of last year. In no particular order… here we go! #1 – Blue Slush One of our most popular blends, this tongue-tingling combo of blueberry and raspberry will make you nostalgic for the slushy ice drinks you enjoyed back in the day. Without the blue tongue and brain freeze, of course! #2 – Sensation X A mysterious name for a mysterious blend – the ingredients in this beauty are a well-guarded secret! Needless to say, its fans keep coming back for the rich minty blast they get from this delicious e-liquid. #3 – Iced Menthol If you prefer your vapes to be more minty than fruity, this is the e-liquid you’ve been dreaming of. A cool menthol taste with sweet hints of your favourite spearmint gum, Iced Menthol is beloved by vapers across the UK. #4 – Tobacco Ziggicig Sometimes you don’t want a vape that tastes like strawberry bubblegum; you want something that tastes like a cigarette. This smooth and sweet tea-cured tobacco vape is perfect if you’re looking for something sophisticated, classic, and, most importantly, grown-up. #5 – Rockin’ Raspberry Sorbet Your favourite dessert with a modern twist! This e-liquid takes the tart sweetness of raspberries and lemon, combined with the sweet richness of roasted vanilla and decadent cane sugar. If this were on a menu, it’d get all the Michelin Stars. #6 – Strawberry Storm The nation’s favourite fruit, it’s easy to see why this e-liquid is loved by so many people! This delicious vape will remind you of strawberry picking in the summer, pints of refreshing cider in a local beer garden, and hazy afternoons BBQing in the sunshine. #7 – Sour Blue Raspberry It’s time to pucker up! The favourite e-liquid of those who love a little mouth-tingling sourness, Sour Blue Raspberry combines the tangiest blueberries with a candy-sweet aftertaste. #8 – Sour Blue Raspberry Everyone’s favourite sweet shop treat; this quirky e-liquid transforms a well-loved penny sweet into a spectacularly delicious vape. Bubbly, sweet cola combined with powerful, sour cherry notes, this vaping liquid always is in high demand. #9 – The Grape Escape Okay, it’s not one of your five a day, but this best-seller always flies off the shelves! Take luscious and sweet black grapes, and combine them with tart and succulent blackberries for a fruit basket’s worth of flavour. #10 – Passionfruit and Mango The weather outside may be grim and grey, but this e-liquid will transport you to a tropical paradise! Our Passionfruit and Mango e-liquid is sweet, juicy, and full of sunny flavours that will do the tango on your tongue. Check out our awesome best-sellers, as well as our other delicious flavours, on our Balanced Blends page. Want to try our best-sellers for yourself? We’ve got you. Find your nearest stockist. << Back to blog Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin

10 Ohm Brew liquids for your Stoptober starter kit

Top 10 Ohm Brew liquids perfect for your Stoptober starter kit So you’ve decided to throw away the cigs and give vaping a try this Stoptober. We don’t want to sound mushy, but we’re incredibly proud of you! When you’re starting out with vaping, especially if you’re using a pod device, it can be hard to know which liquids to use. There are a lot of different flavours, strengths and types. Salts or freebase? What’s that all about?! We’ve put together our top ten liquids to get you started on your vaping journey. #1 – Tobacco Ziggicig If you’ve been reluctant to give up the cigarettes because you miss the taste, Tobacco Ziggicig is the closest you’ll get to the real thing. It’s a great starting point while you find your feet with vaping. This is as good a time as any to explain the difference between freebase and nic salts. Freebase gives you a harsher throat hit, while nic salts are much smoother. It’s ultimately personal preference, but if you want something closer to the sensation of smoking, we recommend freebase. #2 – Sensation X Aaaah menthol cigarettes. If you’re weaning yourself off them but still crave the numbing, cool sensation these cigs provide, Sensation X will give you that intense minty hit. #3 – Ice Menthol Missing menthol cigarettes but want something with a little more of a sugary flavour? We’ve got you. Ice Menthol is sweet and smooth, with a delicious minty aftertaste. One of our favourites! #4 – Blue Slush One of the great things about vaping is that there are many different flavours to try. Want to vape something that tastes like a real cigarette? Go right ahead. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of the slushy drink named after a household pet, Blue Slush is the perfect place to start! #5 – Rockin’ Raspberry Sorbet Rockin’ Raspberry Sorbet is one of our best-sellers, and it’s easy to see why! Tart raspberry and lemon, combined with luxurious roasted vanilla and decadent cane sugar. After all, why wouldn’t you love a raspberry delight over tasting like a wet ashtray? #6 – Strawberry Storm Whether served with cream or whipped up with some rum to make a daiquiri, everyone loves strawberries! If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to vaping, Strawberry Storm is a solid and dependable choice. #7 – Sour Blue Raspberry Not everyone is into sweet stuff, and that’s okay. If you roll your eyes when the dessert trolley comes round, Sour Blue Raspberry is your new best friend. A zingy, lip-puckering e-liquid that will take away your nicotine cravings and leave you feeling revitalised. #8 – Fizzy Cherry Cola There’s nothing nicer than an icy glass of cherry cola on a hot day. If you’re a fan of this delectable drink, you’ll feel right at home with Fizzy Cherry Cola. A bubby vape with a strong and distinctive cherry hit. #9 – The Grape Escape Want a sophisticated liquid that will get you through the first few months of vaping? Introducing The Grape Escape! This mouth-watering blend of succulent grapes and blackberries is well on its way to becoming an Ohm Brew classic. #10 – Passionfruit & Mango Sweet but not sickly, Passionfruit & Mango will help you kick those nicotine cravings without being cloying. While we can’t say it counts as part of your five-a-day, we can say you’ll love this fruity blend. One final thought… remember that it’s all about what you’re most comfortable with. Once your confidence increases, try different types of e-liquids and see what works best for your needs. If you need a little extra support, our friendly stockists are always happy to make some recommendations. Want to know more about vaping and the different types of e-liquids available? Check out our comprehensive guide to making the switch to e-cigarettes. << Back to blog Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin

Ohm Brew Team Flavour Picks

A bottle of Double Brew Bar Series Triple Mango 100ml e-liquid with a red label.

Ohm Brew team flavour picks – what our crew are enjoying Sometimes your workmates can tell you all about them without saying a single word. From the state of their desks, to the type of tea or coffee they drink. Extra milky, six sugars?! Go on, get out of here. Here at Ohm Brew, we ask our crew to tell us what flavour Ohm Brew they like the most. The good news? Judging from the responses below, all our team have one thing in common – impeccable taste! Here’s what the Ohm Brew crew are loving at the moment, with the links to find out more. Dominic Sharkey – Marketing Manager Favourite flavour: Slush Brew – Green Mix “My absolute go-to liquid every. Single. Time. Seriously, if you loved Slush Puppies when you were younger, you’ll go for this in a big way. Tangy sour apples and lip-puckering limes come together to create an absolute taste sensation.” Danny Bradley – Brand & Product Development Favourite flavour: Watermelon Sugar “I’ve vaped for eight years and have always had a hankering for watermelon flavours. The problem is, so many companies can’t get the taste right; it’s either too sweet or too bland. Watermelon Sugar though? It’s bang on. It’s sweet, bitter, and sour at the same time, with mouth-wateringly juicy candy notes. Yum.” Jae Mason – Head of Major Accounts Favourite flavour: Banana Caramel Waffle “The only way I can describe this one? Total indulgence. You get a hit of rich, gooey caramel tied up with sweet, milky banana afternotes. It’s an absolutely heavenly combo.” Barry MacGabhann – Regional Sales Manager – South Favourite flavour: Mr White “Heisenberg flavours aren’t everyone’s thing, but they’re certainly mine! This Breaking-Bad-inspired blend tastes of mixed fruit with a touch of aniseed, ideal if you’re not a fan of sweet vapes. This is the vape that knocks!” Phil Jackson – Business Development Executive – North Favourite flavour: Rockin’ Raspberry Sorbet “Is it too predictable to say you love a sweet vape? I don’t care; this one is amazing! The sugary raspberry and vanilla combo is cut with a dash of tongue-tingling lemon that rocks my tastebuds and stops me from hitting the vending machines at lunchtime!” Derek Payne – Operations Director Favourite Flavour: Grape Menthol Aniseed “If you love grape flavours (like me), you’ll love this blend. The grape is combined with a dash of slightly spicy aniseed that gives it a little extra oomph, as well as menthol for a pleasant throat hit. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely one of my favourites.” Sam McIlhatton – Logistics Manager Favourite Flavour: Candy Cherry “A sweet cherry tang, a candy aftertaste, nice clouds and a smooth vape – what’s not to love? This one’s my go-to vape and if you give it a go, I’m sure it will be yours too!” Beth McIlhatton – Logistics & Sales Support Favourite flavour: Strawberry Chew  “In my honest opinion, this is one of Ohm Brew’s best, as it feels like it could have come straight out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. It’s tangy, juicy and has a hint of tingly fizziness, which all come together to create a perfectly balanced e-liquid flavour.” Which Ohm Brew flavour is your favourite? Drop us a line and let us know, or tag us on social media! << Back to blog Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin

7 Ohm Brew flavours to keep you going this summer


7 amazing Ohm Brew flavours to keep you going this summer We’ve waited for so long, but summer is finally here! Goodbye jumpers and cold mornings, hello trips to the beach and backyard BBQs. If you run a vape store, a fresh and fruity liquid will really hit the spot with your customers this time of year. It’s an excellent time to check your inventory and bring in some seasonal flavours. Need a little inspiration? Here are 7 of our summertime faves. 1. Blue Slush When we were kids, we knew summer was well and truly here when our folks treated us to one of these frosty bad boys. The sugary high, the brain freeze from the cold ice and of course… the blue tongue! Life was good. If you’re craving a bit of summer nostalgia, this sweet blend of blueberries and raspberries will take you back to your childhood. 2. Lychee Ice If sugary sweet e-number-filled drinks aren’t to your taste, this sophisticated number will be sure to get your mouth watering. The delicate, floral flavour of lychees is combined with an icy-cold blast that you’ll keep coming back to, time and time again. 3. The Black Summer raises a lot of mysterious questions. What are the rules of cricket? Why do supermarkets always run out of burger buns? What makes the Black such a stone-cold summer classic? We can’t help you with the first two questions, but we can definitely answer the last one. Syrupy blackberries, astringent blackcurrant and a whisper of cooling menthol come together to become an absolute summertime favourite. 4. Pineapple & Mango Ice Cream I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! If the ice cream van doesn’t come to your street as often as you like, we’ve got the next best thing. One of our summertime hits, this stunning blend of creamy and tangy tropical fruits will make your tongue want to dance the Macarena. 5. GREEN MIX Sweet things not to your taste? We hear you. If you’d rather listen to Cliff Richard sing at Wimbledon than enjoy a sugary treat this summer, you’ll love our Green Mix. A lip-smacking combo of tart lime and sour green apple, this e-liquid will keep you refreshed, wherever you are.  6. Cola Ice When the sun hits the sky and the temperature skyrockets, there’s nothing nicer than heading to the fridge and grabbing a chilled can of pop. Imagine the coolness in your hand, the water droplets running down your arm… bet you’re thirsty now! If you’re in the mood for an icy drink of pop, our cola ice will keep you buzzing. A satisfying cola taste with an icy twist at the end. Perfecto. 7. Strawberry Lime Cider Does anything scream summer more than relaxing in your local beer garden with a pint of refreshing cold cider in hand? If you’re a cider drinker, this is the vape liquid you’ve been longing for. This zesty little number combines the sweetness of strawberries with the slightly mouth-puckering lime aftertaste that we all know and love. Don’t forget that the Government wants to make the UK smoke-free by 2030 – you can read our thoughts here. << Back to blog Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin

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