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Our 10 best-selling e-liquids of 2022 – is your favourite on the list?

Would it even be the start of 2023 without a review of what happened in 2022?

Our data boffins have extrapolated the data, pivoted some Excel spreadsheets, and drank several cups of coffee to determine our bestselling e-liquids of last year.

In no particular order… here we go!

#1 - Blue Slush

One of our most popular blends, this tongue-tingling combo of blueberry and raspberry will make you nostalgic for the slushy ice drinks you enjoyed back in the day. Without the blue tongue and brain freeze, of course!

#2 - Sensation X

A mysterious name for a mysterious blend – the ingredients in this beauty are a well-guarded secret! Needless to say, its fans keep coming back for the rich minty blast they get from this delicious e-liquid.

#3 - Iced Menthol

If you prefer your vapes to be more minty than fruity, this is the e-liquid you’ve been dreaming of. A cool menthol taste with sweet hints of your favourite spearmint gum, Iced Menthol is beloved by vapers across the UK.

#4 - Tobacco Ziggicig

Sometimes you don’t want a vape that tastes like strawberry bubblegum; you want something that tastes like a cigarette. This smooth and sweet tea-cured tobacco vape is perfect if you’re looking for something sophisticated, classic, and, most importantly, grown-up.

#5 - Rockin’ Raspberry Sorbet

Your favourite dessert with a modern twist! This e-liquid takes the tart sweetness of raspberries and lemon, combined with the sweet richness of roasted vanilla and decadent cane sugar. If this were on a menu, it’d get all the Michelin Stars.

#6 - Strawberry Storm

The nation’s favourite fruit, it’s easy to see why this e-liquid is loved by so many people! This delicious vape will remind you of strawberry picking in the summer, pints of refreshing cider in a local beer garden, and hazy afternoons BBQing in the sunshine.

#7 - Sour Blue Raspberry

It’s time to pucker up! The favourite e-liquid of those who love a little mouth-tingling sourness, Sour Blue Raspberry combines the tangiest blueberries with a candy-sweet aftertaste.

#8 - Sour Blue Raspberry

Everyone’s favourite sweet shop treat; this quirky e-liquid transforms a well-loved penny sweet into a spectacularly delicious vape. Bubbly, sweet cola combined with powerful, sour cherry notes, this vaping liquid always is in high demand.

#9 - The Grape Escape

Okay, it’s not one of your five a day, but this best-seller always flies off the shelves! Take luscious and sweet black grapes, and combine them with tart and succulent blackberries for a fruit basket’s worth of flavour.

#10 - Passionfruit and Mango

The weather outside may be grim and grey, but this e-liquid will transport you to a tropical paradise! Our Passionfruit and Mango e-liquid is sweet, juicy, and full of sunny flavours that will do the tango on your tongue.

Check out our awesome best-sellers, as well as our other delicious flavours, on our Balanced Blends page.

Want to try our best-sellers for yourself? We’ve got you. Find your nearest stockist.

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