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How prescribing e-cigarettes on the NHS can help over 40% of smokers quit

A recent pilot scheme has shown that offering vaping equipment on the NHS could help four out of ten smokers give up smoking for good.

Smokefree Norfolk and Norfolk County Council, alongside the University of East Anglia, set up a pilot scheme that was offered to 668 smokers, with 340 of them taking advantage of it. Patients that wanted to stop smoking were given £25 of vape shop vouchers to buy a vape device and start-up kit to help them quit, as well as support and advice.

In the space of one month, 42% of the participants had stopped smoking, which is an amazing result!

Why did the scheme work?

More and more people know they need to stop smoking for the sake of their health, but the reality is; it’s hard. Only 3 to 5% of smokers who quit on their own stop smoking long-term.

Not only this, but the Government wants to make smoking obsolete by 2030. This means it’s better for people to stop on their own terms now rather than being forced to go cold turkey.

Vaping can be a great way to gradually cut down on nicotine, without inhaling the tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful components that cigarettes contain.

Another reason the scheme worked was money. Areas in Norfolk, like Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn, and Broadland, are economically deprived, and as a result, more people smoke. For people who wanted to give up smoking, but couldn’t afford the initial outlay for vape equipment, the pilot scheme was a great way for them to get started.

(And of course, remember that although there is an initial cost for hardware, vaping saves money in the long run!)

The results of the scheme

While some participants in the trial did go back to smoking, 15% of the people that took part continued to stay off the cigarettes. We’d call that a win.

As a result, the scheme has been extended across the whole of Norfolk to 750,000 people. If the stats continue to show success, there’s the possibility it could be rolled out to the whole of the UK.

Our thoughts at Ohm Brew

If you’re looking to stop smoking, it’s important to do it right. Some people stub out their last cigarette and never look back, while others need more time and support.

Vaping is a great alternative to smoking as it replicates the physical sensation that smoking provides. It gives you something to do with your hands and helps preserve the social aspects of smoking that so many people enjoy.

Is vaping right for everyone who is looking to quit? No. But it’s exciting to see the promising results of the trial, and we’re keen to see if it will be extended to the whole of the UK.

Want to find out more about the benefits of switching from cigarettes to vaping? Check out some of the reasons why you should make the change today!

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