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Eight easy ways to increase your customers’ vape store spend

You’ve got lots of customers visiting your vape store. Result.

The next step? Getting them to spend more money when they shop with you.

If you’ve ever fantasised about diving into a pool of coins like Scrooge McDuck (and who hasn’t?), encouraging your existing customers to spend more can turn your dreams into reality.

According to Marketing Metrics, you’re 14 times more likely  to get an existing customer to buy more in your shop, as opposed to a brand new customer.

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Here are eight tried-and-tested ways to get your customers to fill their baskets and boost their average order value.


Want to know more about owning a vape store that customers want to visit? This article will tell you how to market yourself like an absolute boss.

  1. Implement a loyalty scheme
  2. Pick the right salespeople
  3. Know your customer
  4. Review where your products are
  5. Get cross-selling and up-selling
  6. Audit your store décor
  7. Manage your stock levels
  8. Add extra value

#1 - Implement a loyalty scheme

A loyalty scheme is when you reward a customer for their repeat business. Think about the little coffee shop you go to where you get your card stamped in exchange for a free Frappuccino. Extra whipped cream and chocolate sauce on ours please.

The truth is that customers love loyalty schemes, and they’re a great incentive to encourage shoppers to spend more at your vape store. According to KPMG, 41% of customers who signed up for a loyalty program use it to shop every week, meaning you’re guaranteed lots of lovely repeat business.

There are lots of different ways you can operate a loyalty scheme, and the right option for you will depend on your store’s setup. For example, if you have an online store, you can send your customers discount codes or set up a points scheme. Offline, offer your best shoppers a discount card or a referral scheme in exchange for introducing you to new customers.

#2 - Pick the right salespeople

Have you ever been into a shop where a salesperson jumps on you as soon as you cross over the threshold? It’s not an enjoyable experience. Over half of people think salespeople are way too pushy.

On the other hand, the right sales team can do a lot for your vape store, and get customers handing over those ten-pound notes like they’re going out of fashion.

Ultimately, you want staff who can provide a friendly in-store experience and talk to customers like they’re a really good friend.

Here’s what to think about when hiring your sales team.

  • Do they know the products you sell? Ultimately you want someone who can recommend the right product to the right person, especially if they’re new to vaping. Your salespeople don’t have to necessarily vape themselves, but they need to have a handle on how vaping works.
  • Can they talk to a wide range of different people? Lots of people vape, everyone from the sweet old granny down the road to the twenty-something graduate who wants to stop smoking. Your team needs to be able to relate to anyone who walks into your store and understand how they can help.
  • Do they have good emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is when you can easily understand the emotions of the people around you. For example, knowing that someone you’re talking to is happy, angry, or sad, and reacting accordingly. Emotional intelligence means your salespeople can connect with customers on a personal level and realise whether they need extra support or want to be left alone.
  • Are they open to new experiences? The best salespeople are the ones that are willing to learn new things and are happy to undertake training opportunities to better themselves. Pokémon are better when they evolve, and so are your sales staff.
  • Can they respond well under pressure? Let’s be honest; the person who said ‘the customer is always right’ never worked in sales. Your sales team need to have cool heads and be able to perform in a crisis, even if they have five different people shouting at them at once.

If your staff are friendly, empathetic, and relatable, you’re more likely to see repeat customers. And 93% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases if they receive excellent customer service from salespeople.

#3 - Know your customer

When you know the different types of people who shop in your store, you’ll know how best to approach them, and which products to recommend. This is a fantastic opportunity to do some people-watching and gather some research.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to customer research? Here are some of the customers you might recognise and how to encourage them to buy. We know, it’s like we’ve visited your store already.

Dave who loves a deal

Yep, Dave’s the one that always tries to haggle and is most interested in getting value for money. Suggesting multi-deals and slightly reduced ‘hot pick’ items will keep him coming back and ensure you still make a tidy profit.

Payday Penny

Penny comes in once a month when she gets paid to buy all her vaping gear. No time for chitchat; she knows what she wants. Make time for Penny and suggest products that fit in with her busy lifestyle.

Shiny Steve

Steve is all about his gadgetry and his souped-up vaping rig. Most of the time, he thinks he knows more than you. Let him lead the conversation and take the time to talk about the most innovative products you sell.

Simple Sophie

Sophie is not the most tech-savvy person, but she’s a good customer and is always happy to let you make recommendations for her. Offer Sophie lots of advice and support, whether that’s helping her change her vape coil or suggesting the latest products she might like.

Customer X

The unknown first timer that wants to start vaping but doesn’t know how to get started. The best strategy is to talk to them, make them feel comfortable and suggest products that align with what they need, not what they think they want. Get it right, and they’ll be sure to come back again and again.

#4 - Review where your products are

Fed up with not being able to shift your stock? If the answer is yes, planogramming is the answer to all your vape store-related woes.

Planogramming is the science of optimising your store layout to encourage customers to buy your products. Think about when you go to the supermarket; it’s no coincidence that certain brands are placed in your eye-line… companies pay big bucks to feature there! Merchandise put four to five feet from the ground gets 35% more attention from shoppers.

We could talk about planogramming all day at Ohm Brew. Yes, we’re really that boring. However, if you’d like to brush up on the basics, our short guide to planogramming 101 will give you the insight you need to get started.

#5 - Get cross-selling and up-selling

Have you ever nodded and drooled when a fast-food employee asks if you want to supersize your meal deal? That’s the power of up-selling for you.

Cross-selling and up-selling are often talked about interchangeably, but the reality is that they are two separate things. Let’s look at the key differences between them.


Cross-selling is when you ask your customer if they want to buy a related product. For example, if they come into your store to buy a vape pen, asking them if they would like to purchase some e-liquids to use alongside their new hardware.


Up-selling is when you ask your customer if they want to buy a better (more expensive) product than the one they originally planned to buy. For example, if they come into your store to buy a vape pen, asking them if they want to buy the next model up.

Both strategies work well as you’ve already got an interested shopper on your hands, and they’re highly likely to take your suggestions on board. Cross-selling can increase sales by 20% and profits by 30% when done right.

The key to good cross-selling and up-selling is to know your products inside-out. This means you can suggest the perfect product to suit the exact needs of your customer. Personalisation for the win.

#6 - Audit your store décor

If you’re finding that customers are exiting your store pretty sharpish, your décor might be to blame.

We’ve already taken a look at product placement, but creating a pleasant store environment that shoppers want to spend time in will also have a major impact on sales too. Here are a few things to consider.


Ambient lighting can relax customers and encourage them to browse for longer, while brighter lighting can encourage them to impulse buy.

And if you want your customers to go home, we find turning the lights off and on repeatedly does the job!


Check your Spotify playlist to see if you’re putting out the right vibes. For example, classical music can inspire customers to buy more expensive items, while ‘pleasant’ music encourages impulse buys.

Bit of a disclaimer: We’re not 100% sure what constitutes ‘pleasant’ music – probably not Scandinavian speed metal or Coldplay.


If your store looks like the campsite of a music festival on a Monday morning, it might be time for a good spring clean.

Regularly clear away boxes and rubbish, and run the vacuum cleaner around every now and again – organise a staff rota, so everyone knows who is responsible for what. Don’t forget to clean the outside of your store as well – first impressions and all that.

A 'photo opportunity'

A cool mural or neon sign will encourage people to come into your shop and take photos. Not only will they stick around your store to see what’s on offer, but you’ll get free publicity on social media.

Do it for the “gram’; you know you want to.

#7 - Manage your stock levels

There’s nothing worse than going into your favourite store, only to find the product you want is out of stock. Seriously, our palms are sweating just thinking about it.

This makes it important to ensure you’re well-stocked with your customer’s favourite vape products.

Nearly 40% of customers that can’t get the product they want will end up going to a competitor, which is bad news for your business.

Keep an eye on your product lines and be sure to re-order as far ahead as possible in case there are any supply chain issues. It’s always a good idea to have some alternative recommendations for your customers, in case they visit on a day when your shelves are barer than Old Mother Hubbard’s pantry.

Remember that seasonal trends can affect stock levels too. For example, people typically prefer fruity, fresh flavours in the summer months.

#8 - Add extra value

And finally, be the vape shop that adds value to your customers’ lives. What can you do that other shops can’t? Think about what your unique selling point is compared to your competitors.

When you add extra value, customers will keep coming back again and again.

Here are some of our tried-and-tested tips.

Many vape shops are great community hubs and meetup spots, and we’re finding more and more people want to connect with others now the pandemic is over. You could have a ‘for sale or wanted’ noticeboard or install seating where customers can sit, chill out and catch up with each other.
Sell additional products. For example, you could offer bags, clothing, magazines and cases alongside vape hardware and e-liquids. Why not work alongside another business in a similar niche and encourage them to set up a pop-up shop in your store?
Offer demonstrations. If new customers are wondering how to look after their vape pens or change the coils, you could show them how to do it. Alternatively, invite a vaping expert to give a talk.
Provide extended store opening hours for people who are working or looking after the little ones. The good news? Small shops under 280 square metres can open at any time.
Put a bike rack outside your store to encourage cyclists to visit.
Open up your Wi-Fi to customers. Free Wi-Fi means customers spend 61% more time in your store. Just don’t ask who’s watching the Gangnam Style video on repeat.

Not sure how to best add value? Ask your most loyal customers what they want to see in your store, whether that’s interactive experiences, personalised advice, or Ohm Brew products.

Oh come on, we had to get the shameless product plug in somewhere, right?

We hope this guide has given you lots of valuable insight into increasing sales and encouraging repeat business.

In summary:

Reward existing customers for their loyalty
Hire sales staff that know what your customers want
Understand the different customers that come to your store
Use planogramming to push your products
Put together a cross-selling and up-selling strategy
Make sure your store looks nice
Keep on top of your stock levels
Think about how you can add extra value to your customers’ lives

Remember, when you work with us and stock our products, we’ll provide you with lots of useful information to help you optimise your store and make the most of your Ohm Brew range. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

Contact us today to find out more.

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