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Why regulations and checks are so important when it comes to disposable vapes

Supermarkets were sent into a mass panic at the start of this month, leading to them pulling certain products off their shelves.

But what were these items? Mouldy bread? Flat pop? Unripe avocados?

Disposable vape bars.

It was found that a random selection of Elf Bars contained between 3ml and 3.2ml of nicotine. For context, the legal limit in the UK is 2ml.

The Elf Bar brand was launched in 2021 and sells 2.5 million disposable vapes every week, accounting for two-thirds of all vape bars sold in the UK. It’s already come under fire for using social media to promote its products to young people.

As a result of the independent lab tests carried out, Tesco and Morrisons removed some Elf Bar products from their stores. Elf Bar apologised for the findings, advising that some batches had been overfilled, leading to higher amounts of nicotine.

The issue with vape bars and why testing is needed

It’s only right that you want to know what’s going into your body for the sake of your health.

Imagine that you’re vegan, and you order a meat-free sandwich from your favourite restaurant. You polish it off, only for the serving staff to point at you and say ‘Haha! You just ate chicken!’

You’re going to be majorly peeved, right? The same logic applies to disposable vapes. If a disposable vape says it contains a certain amount of nicotine, it must contain that amount. No more, no less.

We’re not saying vaping is bad – if we did, we’d be talking ourselves out of a job. But it needs to be controlled, and it needs to be safe.

Otherwise, regulations are going to get more and more strict until nobody can vape at all.

So, what should I be doing as a business when it comes to disposable vapes?

You might think it’s weird being in the vaping business and encouraging people to vape responsibly. It’s like the extravagant alcohol ads on the telly with the teeny-weeny ‘p.s. Please drink responsibly’ right at the end.

However, as businesses, we can make a difference and ensure people make the right choices. Not all superheroes wear capes… some own vape stores!

One of the easiest ways for customers to have a handle on the amount of nicotine they inhale is by choosing refillable e-liquids. That way, they can choose the right strength for them, or even use a nic shot to create a customised blend that satisfies their cravings.

At this point, you might be saying… ‘Hang on. How will I know that refillable e-liquids contain the amount of nicotine they say they do?’ Excellent question.

A reputable vape manufacturer (*waves*) will ensure the appropriate health warnings are on all their products, provide a detailed list of ingredients, and have tamperproof packaging. Plus, all e-liquids must be GC-MS tested to ensure they comply with strict UK guidelines.

The bottom line is that if you stock Ohm Brew products, you have peace of mind that you’re selling highly regulated and safe products to your customers.

After all, the only places elves should be are Santa’s grotto or a Tolkien novel. Not a vape store.

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