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5 reasons to give vaping a go this VApril

There’s a lot going on in April. We get to stuff ourselves with chocolate. It’s Shakespeare’s birthday. Apparently, it’s ‘National No Housework Day’. That’s a holiday we can truly get behind.

It’s also VApril – a month dedicated to helping smokers quit cigarettes and move to vaping. Hashtag: #VAprilWorks.


According to the team at VApril, 4.3 million UK smokers have turned to vaping, with nearly 60% now calling themselves former smokers. Now that’s a pretty cool stat if ever we heard one!

So, why should you drop the tabs and give vaping a try this month? We’re glad you asked. Here are five fantastic reasons why vaping is the way forward.

#1 - You save money

If you want to watch your money go up in smoke, you have two options. Buy NFTs, or start smoking. Smoking is an expensive hobby, especially if you go through a pack or more a day. And with the latest budget announcement, it’s going to get even more pricey.

If you smoke 20 a day at £11 a pack, you can save between £2,796 and £3,176 by moving to vaping. Just think of all the cool stuff you can buy with that leftover cash!

See how much you can save by making the switch

#2 - It's healthier

Cigarettes contain a collection of gross chemicals. Tar. Carbon monoxide. Arsenic. Benzene. Why you’d stick that stuff in your mouth is beyond us.

While vape juice contains nicotine, it doesn’t have any of the gross and disgusting chemicals that cigarettes do. So you can still get the nicotine hit you need to get through the day without worrying about smoking-related illnesses.

#3 - It's the most effective smoking cessation tool on the market

If you’re looking to stop smoking, there are several ways you can do it. You can go cold turkey, use gum or patches, or listen to the weird dude with the hypnotherapy tapes.

However, vaping is the best method of all. A study by the University of Oxford showed that vapes lead to higher quit rates and help people quit smoking for longer. And that’s research by a proper fancy university featured in the Harry Potter movies.

#4 - You can customise vaping to suit your needs

With smoking, there aren’t a lot of options. You can buy cigarettes in packs of 10 and 20. You can get rolling tobacco if you’re feeling adventurous. That’s about it.

However, one of the great things about vaping is that you can do it your way. You can choose the hardware that works best for you, and the eliquid to suit your needs. Whether you want a smooth vape that tastes like strawberries or a rough throat hit with the tobacco taste you love, it’s your call.

#5 - There's no second-hand smoke

Passive smoking is still a killer, with an estimated 10,700 deaths annually in the UK. However, vaping doesn’t cause this risk as it doesn’t contain the chemicals that cigarettes do.

Of course, we still recommend vaping outside and away from children and high-risk people. But it’s good to know that vaping doesn’t just help protect your health, but the health of the people you love.


Looking to make the switch to vaping? We have all the hardware and eliquids you need. Check out our fantastic stockists and see where you can find Ohm Brew near you!

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