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Budget 2023: what's the news when it comes to vaping?

Wednesday 15 March 2023. Picture the scene. It’s a nice sunny day, you’re at work doing some awesome Ohm Brew-related stuff, and you’ve got leftover takeaway pizza for lunch. Life is good.

However, disaster strikes. The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt (not a typo), is seen walking into 10 Downing Street with a big red suitcase. Yep, it’s Budget Day.

Two interesting points were raised in the 2023 Spring Budget, which we’ll talk about now. If you don’t do politics, why not check out our top 10 eliquids of 2022? Normal service will be resumed in a few minutes.

#1 - Cigarette prices increase by 15%

The Budget usually sees cigarette, petrol, and beer prices rise. We all know someone who legs it to the Shell garage to fill the car up the night before it’s announced.

In this Budget, the cigarette levy increased by 12.7%, alongside an extra 2% price hike for good measure. Not only this, but the cost of hand-rolling tobacco has risen by a staggering 18.7%. Now is an excellent time to start stockpiling Rizlas…

While we do sympathise with these price increases, especially in the current cost-of-living crisis, this has only got to be a good thing. Increasing the cost of cigarettes means people are more likely to quit, meaning a better quality of life, and less stress on the already over-burdened NHS.

The UK Government seem to share the same mindset, given that it’s planning for the UK to go smoke-free by 2030.

If you want to quit smoking but know you’ll miss nicotine, vaping is a great alternative. You inhale fewer chemicals, and it works out much cheaper, especially if you use refillable vapes. Why not check out our calculator and see how much you can save?

#2 - No levy on disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are causing a lot of issues at the moment. They’re polluting the water and taking space up in landfills, they’re popular with teenagers, and there are significant issues with how they are labelled and advertised.

As a result, there has been pressure on the Government by health groups to increase the tax levy on disposable vapes, making them more expensive to buy. This would not only discourage young people from buying them, but encourage vapers to make the move to refillable vapes.

Unfortunately, this did not happen in this Budget. However, it does sound like the Government is very keen to crack down on teen vaping, given that 16% of children admit to having tried it at least once. So we can expect some sort of legislation to be introduced in the coming months.

And that’s it for the 2023 Budget folks – what a wild ride! See you in 2024 for the next one?

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