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How Much Does Smoking Cost Britain?


How much does smoking cost Britain? We all know smoking is bad for your personal finances. If you’re smoking 20 a day, you’re spending nearly £5,000 a year. That’s enough for a fancy all-inclusive holiday or to buy takeaway pizza for tea every single night. However, did you know that smoking affects everyone’s finances, even […]

Are you Eligible for a Free Vaping Starter Kit?

Are you eligible for a free vaping starter kit? What do you have a one in five chance of being? For example, you have a one in five chance of having hazel eyes. If you’re over the age of 65, there’s a one in five chance you don’t know how to swim. There’s also a […]

5 reasons to give vaping a go this VApril


5 reasons to give vaping a go this VApril There’s a lot going on in April. We get to stuff ourselves with chocolate. It’s Shakespeare’s birthday. Apparently, it’s ‘National No Housework Day’. That’s a holiday we can truly get behind. It’s also VApril – a month dedicated to helping smokers quit cigarettes and move to […]

Why Regulations Are Important When it Comes to Vape Bars


Why regulations and checks are so important when it comes to disposable vapes Supermarkets were sent into a mass panic at the start of this month, leading to them pulling certain products off their shelves. But what were these items? Mouldy bread? Flat pop? Unripe avocados? Disposable vape bars. It was found that a random […]

A Parent’s Guide to Vaping


A parent’s guide to vaping One of the things about having rugrats is that you have to answer a lot of questions. Seriously, so many questions. ‘Why is the sky blue?’ Erm… ‘Where does the sun go in the evening?’ Hmm… ‘Where do babies come from?’ Uhm… Go ask your mum/dad/gran/that nice person standing over […]

2021 census reports lowest proportion of smokers

2021 census reports lowest proportion of smokers since records began It’s official… only one in eight of the UK adult population smoke. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) report used data from the 2021 census to see how many adults admitted to lighting up. The headline stats 3% of over eighteens smoke – about 6.6 […]

New year, new you – switch to a vape!

New year, new you – switch to a vape! After two solid weeks of binging Netflix, devouring turkey sandwiches, and seeing how many sweets we can eat before throwing up, it’s only natural that we want to be healthier. Of everyone who has made a new year’s resolution for 2023, 28% say they want to […]

What REALLY happens to your body when you stop smoking

What REALLY happens to your body when you stop smoking We all know some of the side effects that take place when you put down the cigarettes for good. You stop stinking like a soggy tab end, your sense of smell miraculously reappears, and you can climb the stairs without wheezing like an asthmatic walrus. […]

Four tips to stop the nicotine cravings this Stoptober

Four top tips to keep the nicotine cravings at bay this Stoptober So, you’ve decided to stop smoking this Stoptober. You’ve thrown your cigs away, told everyone on Facebook that you’re quitting, and planned what you’ll spend all that lovely money you save on. Life is good. However, the next day you wake up drenched […]

How prescribing e-cigarettes helped smokers quit

How prescribing e-cigarettes on the NHS can help over 40% of smokers quit A recent pilot scheme has shown that offering vaping equipment on the NHS could help four out of ten smokers give up smoking for good. Smokefree Norfolk and Norfolk County Council, alongside the University of East Anglia, set up a pilot scheme […]