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Are you Eligible for a Free Vaping Starter Kit?

Are you eligible for a free vaping starter kit? What do you have a one in five chance of being? For example, you have a one in five chance of having hazel eyes. If you’re over the age of 65, there’s a one in five chance you don’t know how to swim. There’s also a […]

Spring Budget 2023: vaping and cigarette update

Spring-budget-2023-vaping-1536x864 (1)

Budget 2023: what’s the news when it comes to vaping? Wednesday 15 March 2023. Picture the scene. It’s a nice sunny day, you’re at work doing some awesome Ohm Brew-related stuff, and you’ve got leftover takeaway pizza for lunch. Life is good. However, disaster strikes. The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt (not a typo), is seen walking […]

Why Regulations Are Important When it Comes to Vape Bars


Why regulations and checks are so important when it comes to disposable vapes Supermarkets were sent into a mass panic at the start of this month, leading to them pulling certain products off their shelves. But what were these items? Mouldy bread? Flat pop? Unripe avocados? Disposable vape bars. It was found that a random […]

The vaping industry in 2022: what, who, where, and when


The vaping industry in 2022: what, who, where, and when We might not look like it on the surface, but we love nothing more than digging into the stats around smoking and vaping. For example, take our report looking at the 2021 census. The team at Ohm Brew aren’t just pretty faces! A little while […]

The ultimate guide to becoming a responsible vape retailer in 2023


The ultimate guide to becoming a responsible vape retailer in 2023 When you run a vape store, there are loads of abbreviations and acronyms you need to be aware of. For example, P&L. SKU. ROI. B2C. COP. EOD. EIEIO. It’s a Scrabble enthusiast’s nightmare. Here’s another abbreviation that you’ll probably want to make yourself mindful […]

2021 census reports lowest proportion of smokers

2021 census reports lowest proportion of smokers since records began It’s official… only one in eight of the UK adult population smoke. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) report used data from the 2021 census to see how many adults admitted to lighting up. The headline stats 3% of over eighteens smoke – about 6.6 […]

Irish Government Looking to Ban Disposable Vapes

Irish Government looking to ban disposable vapes Disposable vapes (or vape bars) are a lot like marmite in the vaping community. While some love the flexibility they provide, others see them as a bit of an ethical quandary. Therefore, we weren’t surprised to hear that the Irish Government is looking to ban them in the […]

Stoptober: How to Keep Ex-smokers Coming Back In-store

How to keep ex-smokers coming back to your vape store during and after Stoptober A lot of things happen in October. The clocks go back, mince pies and Christmas cakes slowly infiltrate the supermarket shelves, and there’s a distinct smell of pumpkin spice lattes in the air. The other thing that happens during the tenth […]

How prescribing e-cigarettes helped smokers quit

How prescribing e-cigarettes on the NHS can help over 40% of smokers quit A recent pilot scheme has shown that offering vaping equipment on the NHS could help four out of ten smokers give up smoking for good. Smokefree Norfolk and Norfolk County Council, alongside the University of East Anglia, set up a pilot scheme […]

Plans for the UK to become smoke-free by 2030


A smoke-free UK – Government wants UK to stop smoking by 2030 The Government recently carried out an independent review into how it could make smoking obsolete by the year 2030. It’s something we’ve been following with a lot of interest here at Ohm Brew. Whether you run a vape shop  or are a smoker […]